About The Bakbone iPad / Tablet Hand Holder Accessory Device


Functional yet brilliantly simple. Now $29.95 in 6 Colors...with free expedited shipping!

The Bakbone is a holding device to steady your tablet in one hand that works with all iPads, Android tablets, Windows tablets, Kindles and nearly any tablet. Your finger can be inserted into the hole on The Bakbone or you can place it sideways between two fingers. Whichever way you choose to use it, you can be assured that your tablet is firmly stabilized for you to use with your free hand and you will never worry about dropping your tablet again. The unique design allows you to rotate your tablet 360 degrees, yet it firmly stays attached. 

Seamless design - easily cleaned.

A rigid, injection-molded, plastic inner endoskeleton is seamlessly overmolded in a soft thermosetting (silicone-like) clear plastic - making the Bakbone perfectly suited for uses requiring sterilization such as medical facilities, high-tech cleanrooms or educational facilities. The Bakbone can simply be washed, submerged in liquid or cleaned off with a sterilizing wipe.

This tablet holder for the hand grips firmly with a strong magnetic attachment.

Secure & safe adhesion. 

Magnetic disks firmly and safely hold the Bakbone to your tablet, yet they won't harm your tablet since all tablets use flash-based memory, and do not contain a hard drive with moving, magnetic parts. The Bakbone tablet holder attaches via two rare earth magnets - one embedded in the ring and one that you attach to your tablet or hardshell case with the safe and proven 3M VHB adhesive. The magnet that attaches to your tablet measures only 1.5" in diameter and is only 1/8" thick adding very little to your tablets thin design. Need to remove your Bakbone ring? Just firmly pull it away from your tablet at an angle to release the magnetic bond.

Won't scratch or mark your tablet.

The Bakbone ring assembly floats above your tablet - the magnets are positioned to never let it come in contact with the tablet back. You can snap your Bakbone onto the magnet as many times as you want and rotate it til the cows come home, but the bottom of the ring will never touch your tablet. The same goes for cases - the Backbone can be used with nearly any rigid backed case or cover (flexible silicone or rubber cases are not recommended with the Bakbone as they are not firm enough to withstand the force needed to remove the Bakbone ring).


Click the images below to view larger versions of the Bakbone tablet hand holder's dimensions.

Front view with magnet - click to view larger Side view of the Bakbone - click to enlarge Top view - click to enlarge



You can get your ultimate tablet holder for just $29.95 (free expedited shipping too!). Don't let your iPad or tablet be caught without a Bakbone!


Now in 6 Colors:  The original Graphite, Off White, Pink and 3 New Colors - Royal Blue, Green Apple, Yellow

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 Tablet With Stylus WARNING! 

Our neodymium magnet system is safe for tablets or computers using solid state hard drives [SSD]flash memory, and styli using capacitative or bluetooth technology. If your tablet incorporates an active digitizer layer for precision stylus input (eg. Wacom technology,) like the Microsoft Surface Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Note, the magnets may interfere with the stylus input.





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